Kempton Park Village

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Kempton Park Village

Kempton Park is an “Own your own” Village

In an “Own your Own” village the benefits differ from ownership of a normal retirement unit in that you get all the financial benefits which come from owning your own home. Like other villages, the unit is owned via a Licence to Occupy but the terms of this are that you get ALL the proceeds from the sale of the unit, including 100% of the capital gain and you get to choose how much to sell it for. You also have complete control over the sale process. This means that you can choose your own sales agent, and whether or not to accept an offer from a particular person or not.

Kempton Park village was finished in 2015, once completely built Manor Group transferred the ownership of the village into a Trust which had been set up for all the residents of the Village. This means that the residents of the village-owned and controlled the operation of the village from that point on. Manor Group remain as the Village administrator but all ownership rest with the residents.

At Kempton Park Village, you don’t just get to own your own home; you get to own a piece of your own retirement village.

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